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Every business is unique. SinglePoints solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. From Restaurants to Gas Stations and e-commerce stores we are here to work with you on designing the solution that fits you best.

Below are some of the most common types of processing. Don’t worry if you don’t see your business type we can work with any business including High-Risk!!

  • Retail

    This is when a customer is making a purchase face-to-face. Customers physically hand you their credit card and you swipe the card to start purchase transaction. Retail is typically the safest way to process transactions. This merchant type usually has the lowest Interchange rates of all six business types listed here.

  • MOTO

    MOTO stands for Mail Order/Telephone Order. With this type of account your most likely do not see customers face to face. Expect higher rates as there is more room for error and fraud. However, our partners have security features in place for you, to help keep your processing costs low, such as fields to enter additional information to authenticate the transaction.

  • Retail with Tip

    This is the same as retail however the service you provide may have to option to include a tip. Examples are salons, quick serve coffee shops, and more.

  • Internet / E-Commerce

    Selling a product or service online? This is the account for you. Integrate with multiple shopping carts or utilize and API to tie into your own custom shopping cart. Customers will input their information to make the purchase. Your business will receive this order and payment and your ready to take the next steps in getting that customer their purchase.

  • Restaurant

    Still a card present transaction just as retail is. The difference is that instead of paying up-front, customers are billed at the end. Servers can swipe the card at their point of sale machine and then come back later to adjust the amount to include a tip once the customer has signed the receipt.

  • Mobile

    {Need text for mobile processing options}

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