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solar energy

5 States Leading the Way in Solar Energy (And What We Can Learn from Them)

Every year we continue to see a rise in the solar energy industry, but how exactly are states leading the way in solar energy? From employment rates to energy savings and more, the solar industry continues to boom across the country. State and local governments combined with private sector companies are making it easier than…

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SinglePoint Updates National Solar Opportunity to Expand and Deepen Existing Footprint by Targeting Accretive Acquisitions

Phoenix, Arizona – SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB: SING) a fully reporting public company with core holdings in solar energy and hemp consumer products intends to prioritize and reallocate company assets and business strategy around the emerging and growing market opportunities in residential and solar energy and specific hemp based consumer products. The company’s long term strategy…

solar energy

The Great History of Solar Energy & Direction of the Market

The history of solar energy dates back all the way to 7th century B.C. when people used magnifying glasses to start fires. Later in the 3rd century B.C. Greeks and Romans used mirrors to harness the sun’s energy to light torches for religious events. Stemming from simple beginnings, solar energy has played a major role…

solar panel decision

The Process of Buying Solar Panels

Here at SinglePoint, we want to provide customers with an easy, hassle-free experience with the process of buying solar panels and their overall solar power experience. To help out, SinglePoint and our subsidiary, Direct Solar America is here to help consumers from beginning to end, finding and installing the best available solar energy system for…

hemp plant

National Hemp Month: Celebrating The World’s Most Useful and Versatile Plant

July is here, which means it’s officially National Hemp Month! We talk about hemp often, from its sustainability to its versatility, but we haven’t really touched on why the hemp plant has had such a successful comeback in recent years. This National Hemp Month, we’re looking at the success hemp has seen in recent years,…

How Exactly Do Solar Panels Work

How Exactly Do Solar Panels Work?

You may remember our brief explanation about how solar panels work in our blog Learning Solar Energy 101: The Basics of Solar Energy & Market Size. Now we’re circling back this week to explain how they work, both physically and in your energy consumption, more in-depth. As previously discussed, the most common solar panels create…


SinglePoint Subsidiary Direct Solar America Announces Commercial Referral Agreement with Dividend Financial, a leading national provider of renewable energy and solar financial solutions. Agreement leverages Dividend’s network and footprint to refer Commercial Projects to Direct Solar America’s Capital Division and it’s syndication lender network servicing the Commercial Sector.

Direct Solar America broadens its market reach by announcing a referral agreement, partnering with a pioneer in solar financing, Dividend Financial.

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SinglePoint Subsidiary Direct Solar America Signs Commercial Agreement with a Total Project Value Estimated at $1.75M for Illinois Office Park Complex

Direct Solar America has signed an agreement with LUX Power LLC to co-develop rooftop solar solution for the AET office complex as well as the on-site covered parking structures.

hemp crop

The Sustainability of Hemp

You might remember the variety of products we talked about that can be made with hemp, but did you know it’s just as sustainable as it is versatile? With environmental concerns growing amongst consumers, sustainability is becoming larger in practice and is being preached all over social media. In fact, sustainability products have become so…

solar energy

4 Reasons To Switch To Solar Energy and Help The Environment

The first thing to come to people’s minds when they hear the words “solar energy” typically isn’t climate change. It’s a known fact that solar energy is a renewable resource, but did you realize it’s a carbon-free resource with enormous potential to reduce our nation’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions? This is just one of the…

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VIDEO: President SinglePoint Inc. Discusses Online Solar Purchasing and Expansion of 1606 Hemp

President joins MoneyTV to discuss how the company is implementing an online solar purchasing platform to streamline the process for customers looking to purchase solar

hemp crop

5 Ways To Use Hemp

Hemp is an amazing plant. We’re not going to say it’s the answer to everything, but it does have many uses in our everyday lives and the world and is a great substitute for many materials currently in use. A crop that was once widely used in American history, became illegal for a long time…

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SinglePoint CEO Joins Money TV Discussing Q1 Revenue Up Over 300%

Greg joins MoneyTV to discuss Q1 revenue, and the future of 2020

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Solar Growth Drives SinglePoint to Achieve a 300% Increase in Q1 Revenue

SinglePoint Inc. (SING) files quarterly financials for the period ending March 31, 2020. The company had total sales of $1,075,222 a 300% growth compared to the same period in 2019.

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SinglePoint Surpassing $1 Million in Q1 Revenue CEO Joins Money TV Providing Key Insights to Corporate Growth

CEO Greg Lambrecht joins MoneyTV discussing Q1 2020, 300% growth in revenue

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CEO & Chairman SinglePoint Inc. Provides an Update on 1606 Original

Greg Lambrecht CEO and Chairman discuss 1606 Hemp in a new video update.

co2 emissions coming from industrial plants

6 Easy Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Now

Reduce your carbon footprint in easy ways such as going plant based, using reusable bags, composting, and more to help the earth.

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SinglePoint Provides Update on 1606 Hemp Direct to Store Sales Strategy

This DSD strategy is designed to enhance sales, initial product placement and augment existing traditional retail distribution sales efforts leveraging the recent introduction of the new countertop displays.


BOX Bioscience Works Overtime To Provide FDA Approved Sanitizer

BioScience has formed a joint venture with Singlepoint (OTC: SING) to distribute hand sanitizer products manufactured out of Carlsbad, CA.

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SinglePoint Provides Update on 1606 Hemp Sales Initiatives and Brand Growth – Launches First Counter Top Display

SinglePoint Inc. (OTC:SING) starts Q2 with strong numbers and the focus on continued growth. After evaluating reports for Q2, SinglePoint’s Hemp vertical is on track to double sales in its second quarter alongside the launch of 1606 Hemp six-pack counter top display, a first in the industry.


SinglePoint Enters JV Agreement to Further Expand and Accelerate Opportunities Due to Increased New Client (Retail and B2B) Demand in Hand Sanitizer Market with Simplex + Virus Killer

SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB: SING) ramping up effort to meet in bound demand for hand sanitizer and other sanitizing products.

solar panels in close up view

Which Solar Panels Are Best For You?

In this post we’ll break down which solar panels are available for consumers, what the difference is in how they’re made, which ones are most cost-efficient, and which are more energy efficient.


Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day – 2020 is Unlike any Earth Day Ever Before

On April 22, 1970, the inaugural Earth Day  inspired 20 million Americans — at the time, 10% of the total population of the United States to express an emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet. As famous journalist Walter Cronkite stated participants had a “common cause of saving life from the deadly by-products…

the earth viewed from space at night

Making the Most of Earth Day: How Solar Can Benefit Both You and the Planet

Earth Day is a great opportunity to reflect on humanity’s reliance and impact on the planet as well as to take steps toward changing consumptive habits.