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NEW YORK, NY, May 09, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Carbon Credits International (PINKSHEETS: CARN) is in a surging market and a growing popular industry of mobile technology applications tapping into a 280 million mobile phone user industry right at its CORE! Carbon Credits International is a full-service mobile application service provider and Mobile marketing agency. Through and CARN provides solutions that allow their clients to conduct business transactions, accept donations and engage in targeted communication campaigns with their customers/donors through mobile devices.

CARN’s share structure is perfectly set up for a HUGE breakout with a low active float of 40 Million shares, 100M authorized and 52M outstanding. Get the full report on recent company events and trading activity here:

Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: DRHC) has been very active and true to the business plan outlined. Recent press releases by DRHC have informed shareholders of a creation of new beverage segment supported by superstar endorsements, Dethrone beverages currently being sold in 100 stores with plans to be sold in over 750 stores very soon, major distributors carrying the product and the launch of an e-commerce site. For a closer look at the recent news and the full report in its entirety, please use the following link:

NaturalNano Inc. (OTCQB: NNAN) Nanotechnology continues to dominate the headlines around the world within scientific communities. Dozens of countries, hundreds of public institutions and private companies are rapidly pursuing the next big discovery. In the United States alone a record 4,000+ nanotechnology class patents were issued last year. Due to an increasing amount of competitors in this industry it is hard to decipher which entities have patented nanotechnology that has real marketable use.

NaturalNano Inc. is a company that has twenty issued and pending patents that have the potential to be used in numerous markets. A recent video released by the company validates that they have a serviceable product that can be used in cancer patients. The video can be found at The video demonstrates the ability to isolate tumor cells from cancer patient blood samples. This method is made possible by the use of NaturalNano’s halloysite nanotubes.

NaturalNano Inc. has five specific sectors it plans to focus on in 2013. They are automotive, military, aerospace, packaging, and electronics. Several advances are being developed to improve the automotive industry. The goal is to make a lighter vehicle while providing a more efficient high energy storage capacitor to replace batteries. Military vehicles would also benefit as they would be lighter and able to transport larger loads. Aerospace could experience longer and faster flights due to lighter aircraft. The packaging industry is a $433 Billion market. The nanotechnology being developed could make packages stronger and thinner. Once developed the company has the resources to capture a large share of that market. The development of a high energy storage capacitor would be very useful in the electronics market. Most cordless electronics require batteries. This nanotechnology would provide a more efficient and longer lasting power source.Get the full NNAN research report here:

Verity Corp (OTCQB: VRTY) ( is a vertically integrated sustainable agriculture company incorporating organic production technologies and non-GMO standards for the efficient production of healthy food — both crops and livestock. What draws our attention to this stock is its low outstanding share count of only 7.68 Million, a recent price of $0.55 and increasing media attention to the very market sector that VRTY operates in. With the announcement by Whole Foods Markets (WFM) that their suppliers will be required to do GMO labeling and the numerous states that will be having referendums on GMO-labeling, the future prospects for a company with a long operating history in the sustainable agriculture sector is very promising for increasing the rate of revenue growth — especially when the company is making it pretty clear that they intend to expand through acquisitions as well as organically. The long festering concern that many farmers harbor about what their heavy reliance on chemical fertilizers and herbicides has done to their farm’s soil health has provided Verity with a motivated and growing market in the farming sector. The die has been cast — consumers WILL demand healthier food — and that demand will translate into Verity’s target market growing faster going forward. This controversy over the health of our food coupled with the farmer’s challenge to produce food that has high nutritional value while maintaining and increasing yields is putting a spotlight on Verity — a newly public company with an increasing investor base that can have a dramatic impact on its market valuation. Get the full in-depth research report here:

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