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Singlepoint is an innovative mobile technology company focused on claiming its share of the burgeoning mobile payment industry. The company has identified unique opportunity in the faith-based and non-profit niches, where it offers clients the payment technology to accept donations or charitable offerings via smartphone. SING’s mobile payment technology is also applicable to other businesses and organizations wishing to offer mobile ecommerce and engage in targeted communication campaigns.

SING CEO Greg Lambrecht in a recent MoneyTV interview said SING’s stock is undervalued. In an effort to turn that around, Lambrecht is raising brand awareness and offering more details on the company’s acquisition of Six Sigma Services, Inc., a payment gateway services company.

This acquisition is the biggest milestone in SING’s history and adds to the company an almost immediate revenue stream. Six Sigma has achieved revenues of $1.13 million to-date, and SING believes the company has the potential to generate an additional $1 million in revenues by the end of first quarter 2014.

“The company spent has a lot of time and money on building out our technology and we’re starting to bring on customers and this acquisition really jumpstarted our revenues,” Lambrecht told MoneyTV host Donald Baillargeon. “So it was very important for the company.”

Lambrecht notes SING’s pioneering position in the mobile payment industry and forecasts that payments via laptop will someday be a thing of the past.

“We’re trailblazing that business – and feel like we’re a little bit ahead of our time. In the future there will be no reason for you to go to your laptop to make a purchase – you can simply use your credit card and your mobile phone,” said Lambrecht.

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