OTC Market Writes Report on SinglePoint and the Growth of Mobile Payments


Singlepoint is listed on the OTCMarket as a current information enterprise. All necessary reporting requirements have been filed.

Currently trading in the mid $.0050range, a Barcharts analysis shows price resistance at $.0064 and $.0074 on the upside with resistance points of $.0048 and $.0042 on the downside.(http://www.barcharts.com)

Singlepoint offers Mobile Marketing/SMS Text Service, Mobile Credit Card Checkout, Mobile Auction Bidding with Text 2 Bid and Mobile Donations. The competition in the Mobile Paymentmarket is daunting with hundreds of enterprises like Partech, DigitalManagement, Square, Pulse, Lightspeed, Groupon and Gopago just to name a few.Singlepoint must distinguish itself from this plethora of competitors to increase its brand awareness and expand its client base.

On July 1st 2013 Carbon Credits International Inc. changed its name to Singlepoint Inc. It increased its authorized shares of common stock from 100,000,000 to 500,000,000, and authorized30,000,000 preferred shares. As of July 9th 2013 there are 89,400,865 shares outstanding. July 1st 2013 the ticker symbol changed from CARN to SING and received a new CUSIP number of 141040204. During the 2nd Quarter 2013Singlepoint was doing business as Carbon Credits International, a mobile technology company focusing on mobile payments and mobile donations.Text-A-Day, the companies mobile payment brand (now Singlepoint), makes any charitable or marketing campaign and the associated payments solution instantly interactive via the mobile phone.

Javelin Strategy and Research says that the highest growth for any payment type from now until 2018 will be in mobile payments. Mobile proximity payments accounted for only .01% of the $3.98trillion in retail point of sale payments last year. Javelin predicted that the industry push for mobile payments at the point of sale would increase from $398 million last year to $5.4 billion in 2018. Javelin Strategy payments analyst Aleia Van Dayke said, "We're seeing a big push for mobile payments.Networks and banks are pursuing mobile opportunities and merchants are more actively involved. You can look at some of the big merchants who have seen success with loyalty programs that involve mobile, such as Starbucks." JavelinStrategy has a comprehensive report on the mobile POS market.https://www.javelinstrategy.com/

Singlepoint and its strategic partner, Paperless Transaction Corporation (Paperless) www.paperlesstrans.com)have now deployed their integrated software solutions creating a simple to use,practical gateway for all of their clients. In the first two quarters of thisyear, Paperless has added 80 plus new clients to the Singlepoint brand including Marilyn Hickey and Tony Evans, resulting in an impressive 280%increase in revenue generation potential as compared to the last year of operations.

The relationship with Paperless Transaction Corp is crucial to Singlepoint. Paperless is a national provider of VISA/MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and Carte Blanche payment processing services and handles authorizations and settlement of credit card sales. Paperless offers the best prices directly from the provider as well as discounts for hardware, software and other related services essential to payment processing. Paperless Transaction Corp is a registered an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and Member Service Provider (MSP) of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.,Walnut Creek, CA. This symbiotic relationship allows Singlepoint access by proxy to the gateway at Wells Fargo and gives Paperless an established mobile payment solution.

"We are very encouraged with the results and overall prospects in terms of overall benefit to the Singlepoint brand," noted CEO, Greg Lambrecht. "Paperless now has over 10,000 clients including many of the largest nonprofit and ministry organizations in the nation. This allows them to offer an extraordinary"charitable rate" for services thus increasing their net collections.As a mutual benefit to the relationship, Singlepoint's Text-a-Day(TM) provides Paperless the ability to add mobile donations and payments to their other transaction processing gateways including email, call-in, Facebook, online,Push2Pay, and others. The best benefit is the generation of reoccurring transactions which will result in a defined increase in revenue for our clients."

Current Paperless clients include a host of well-known Companies as well as non-profits in various sectors including: Best Western Hotels, Texaco Oil, Carl's Jr., Lincoln Mercury Dealers,and the Muscular Dystrophy Association to name a few.

Singlepoint's Text-a-Day(TM)utilizes a secure mobile web payment gateway that is fully integrated into the Paperless processing terminal. The partnership will allow Paperless to extend their online checkout and donation pages directly to mobile devices which will have a pronounced impact as the volume of financial transactions they process climbs steadily. The partnership creates a simple as well as easy to use access method for our new clients without a merchant bank processor.

Management is confident that Singlepoint/Textaday will become a prime acquisition target for the larger players in the sector as more and more companies continue to rely on mobile payment solutions. As already noted in several articles, the ongoing payment solutions revolution is upon us; and as Juniper Research predicts, "Mobile payments could reach $1,700bn by 2017 - or about 4 per cent of all global retail transactions." (www.juniperresearch.com)

The business model of an enterprise with the goal of being acquired differs from one whose goal is simply profits.Companies can be bought out for a variety of reasons such as break-up value,cash position, new technology or customer base. In emerging markets like Singlepoint’s mobile payment market, the customer base is what larger companies want to acquire. Break-up value and cash position aren’t really applicable and any company that would want to add Singlepoint as a vertical acquisition already has a successful technology platform for mobile payments. The fact that Singlepoint has increased its authorized shares by a factor of five and authorized a class of preferred stock indicates they may try to merge with or purchase a company with a good customer base such its above mentioned partner Paperless Transaction. On the surface, the dilution of shares doesn’t bode well for shareholders, but when the goal of a company is to be acquired, the real shareholder value waits for the end result, the acquisition or merger. An investor in Singlepoint needs to patiently watch the company burn through cash, dilute its shares and build its customer base with an eye toward a future financial reward if a bigger player buys the company or a significant merger takes place.