Aug 14, 2020

The Incredible Value Of Solar Power Installation

When it comes to solar power installation, it comes down to much more than just finances. Don’t get us wrong, finances are absolutely a large portion of installing solar panels into your home, but it has additional benefits. Solar power can help you live a more sustainable lifestyle and is more reliable than traditional electricity.

Changing Consumption Patterns with Solar Power

Consumption patterns have changed over the past several months as a result of coronavirus, and will only continue to change as working from home becomes more commonplace. Energy consumption as we know it will begin adapting to the new norms of everyday life, and energy is in higher demand than before. 

As a result, these patterns will change as consumers begin using more electricity at home, and offices begin shutting down. To help prevent residential electricity grids from becoming overloaded and causing blackouts due to increased electricity usage, individuals can make the conscious decision to switch to solar power. Not only will it help the environment, but your pocketbook will appreciate it. 

Using Solar Power to Go Off The Grid

Obviously solar power only requires the sun and solar panels to transform the sun’s rays into electricity. Since it is such a simple process and doesn’t require a lot of installation work (such as electrical work), solar power is a great way to go off the grid. Not only go off the grid to live self-sufficiently but also go off of the electrical grid. 

Solar power has the potential to let you live without reliance on city electricity grids. While your home will need to be connected to the grid regardless, solar panels have the potential to produce enough electricity that you can live autonomously from the grid. If the area’s power does go down, you can rest assured knowing you’re protected from blackouts or other electric-related disasters by having your solar panels to continue producing electricity for your home. 

We should also mention that by switching to solar, your solar system could have the power to produce more electricity than needed, which then goes back to the electricity grid and helps out the electric companies (remember net metering?).

Saving Money with Solar Power 

As we mentioned before, solar installation isn’t all about finances, however, it does play a significant role in your bank account. While solar installations can be costly upfront, solar energy is a great investment overall. In fact, it’ll start paying for itself right away, as your electric bill begins to lower right after installation. 

One of the benefits of working with our subsidiary, Direct Solar of America, for solar installation is that you put no money down, no cost for estimates, and they can help you potentially save up to 50% off of your electric bill. Switching to a more sustainable power source shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, which is why their goal is to help you save the most money possible throughout your solar energy system buying process.

Solar Power Means Less Pollution

When the power goes out, many people and businesses rely on back up generators to get them by until the power comes back. The problem with this, however, is that generators cause a lot of pollution, in addition to being prone to performance issues depending on how often and how long electricity grid outages occur since they are not built to be used long term. 

All of this, combined with cities beginning to crack down on pollution and beginning green initiatives to help the environment, shows how solar power can help solve these issues. In using solar panels to power your home, you are in turn replacing the use of traditional electricity and therefore reducing the amount of pollution that is released into the environment. 

The future of solar power is promising, and as we begin to adapt to the new normal of working from home, our energy consumption habits will continue to change. As we use more energy than before, it’s imperative that we look for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and affordable options, so we can continue to live a cleaner and happier lifestyle. See how we can help you get started today!

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