Jul 3, 2020

National Hemp Month: Celebrating The World’s Most Useful and Versatile Plant

July is here, which means it’s officially National Hemp Month! We talk about hemp often, from its sustainability to its versatility, but we haven’t really touched on why the hemp plant has had such a successful comeback in recent years. This National Hemp Month, we’re looking at the success hemp has seen in recent years, and celebrating all the plant has to offer.

Hemp’s Comeback

Hemp has been around for millennia, with evidence of its use among several different civilizations, from the Chinese and Egyptians to the Russians and Germans, eventually making its way to America. It was primarily used to make paper and rope in these earlier civilizations, but now it’s made a comeback for its anecdotal properties. 

So why the rise in recent years? Well, there’s no doubt that a lot of the newfound popularity has come to be as a result of the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills. The 2014 Farm Bill created the framework for the legal cultivation of industrial hemp without a permit from the DEA, while the 2018 Farm Bill treated hemp farmers like any other farmer, and allowed for more broadly available legal CBD products.

Hemp Infused Items

Hemp products haven’t gone anywhere, and the types of products being made with it just keep growing. After a period of prohibition, it’s clear to see that some companies got creative with different ways to incorporate hemp and CBD into different products. 

Hemp infused products are by far the most common hemp products you’ll come across. Popular ways we see hemp is in an edible form. CBD and hemp have been infused in edible items such as chocolate, gummies, coffee, milk, and water. Alongside those, we see hemp in skincare products as well, like lip balm, face masks, sunscreen, lotions, salves and more. 

Hemp has even started to make its way into cosmetic products like eyeshadows and mascaras. There’s also, of course, more traditional ways to ingest it, such as tinctures and capsules. We also can’t forget about the array of hemp products made for our furry friends.

Aside from the more conventional ways hemp is used, there have also been some more creative ways we’ve seen it enjoyed. Some of these ways include infusing hemp or CBD into common consumer products such as pillows, back braces, hair pomade, toothpicks and toilet paper, just to name a few.

Hemp Fiber Products

When hemp isn’t being used to make foods or infused products, it’s used to make a variety of products that would normally be made with plastics or other materials. As we discussed in a previous blog post, the hemp plant can be used to make things such as sunglasses, clothes and paper, and can be used as a building material. Some great pros to using hemp fiber to make products like these are that growing hemp is carbon negative and it’s biodegradable.

Growing Hemp

Growing the hemp plant is one of the easier crops to cultivate. It comes as no surprise that there are so many hemp and CBD products available considering hemp can be ready to harvest within 60 days of being planted. Along with a speedy grow time, hemp also regenerates soil and removes toxins. It is also a great crop to rotate between soybeans and corn. A popular cash crop today, hemp has undeniable potential with its plethora of uses. 

Hemp has so much potential and deserves to be observed, which makes it a no brainer that it has its own month of recognition. Go out and celebrate with your favorite hemp or CBD products, or perhaps buy something new made from hemp. Happy National Hemp Month!

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