May 29, 2020

5 Ways To Use Hemp

Hemp is an amazing plant. We’re not going to say it’s the answer to everything, but it does have many uses in our everyday lives and the world and is a great substitute for many materials currently in use. A crop that was once widely used in American history, became illegal for a long time due to its relation to its psychoactive relative, cannabis. Now legal again thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s making a comeback and gaining popularity for its extremely versatile and eco-friendly properties. As George Washington said, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed . . . and sow it everywhere!” Read on to see all the ways hemp can be used, beyond CBD!

Sustainable Hemp Textiles

Just like CBD, hemp textiles are a more well-known product of the crop. Unlike cotton, which requires large amounts of water and pesticides to grow, hemp uses fewer pesticides and fertilizer, and a lot less water than cotton. Hemp crops can produce 1500 pounds of fiber per acre, while cotton can only produce 500 pounds per acre. This makes hemp a wonderful, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative to cotton for making clothes. Types of hemp textiles you will find are hemp silk, hemp knits, hemp denim, hemp canvas, stretch hemp, and so much more. We should also mention that it’s hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin.

Hemp Eyewear 

Hemp Eyewear has created handmade eco-friendly hemp sunglasses from their small shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ethically handmade and using eco-conscious technology, Hemp Eyewear Edinburgh doesn’t use fossil fuels to produce their eyewear and their only byproduct is water vapor. 

Along with hemp sunglasses, there are also ski goggles made using hemp. The Bosky 3rd generation bio-plastic/hemp goggles are supposedly the lightest frame on the market, made with a plant oil-based plastic frame (which is lighter than any petroleum frame on the market according to the site), and a 100% Japanese Fine Weave Hemp air vent system that is tear-resistant. 

Hemp Paper Products

Hemp was first used in the papermaking process when Tshai Lun made paper by using the bark of trees, remnants of hemp, rags of cloth, and fishing nets in 105 CE. Unfortunately, hemp was replaced with trees to make paper, but it’s now making a comeback as hemp rises in popularity again. This is great news as hemp is more suitable for making paper products since it has higher cellulose and lower lignin content. It’s also a no brainer that hemp is the more eco-friendly and sustainable option compared to paper made from trees since hemp can be grown much quicker than trees. 

Hemp As A Building Material

Have you ever heard of hempcrete? Also known as hemplime, it is easier to work with than traditional lime mixes, and also acts as an insulator and moisture regulator. A bridge in France built during the 6th century was made using hempcrete, and since the bridge has lasted throughout the centuries to present-day, it gives strong testimony to the durability of hemp as a construction material. As a result, hemp is becoming a popular option again throughout Europe for building.

Hemp For Soil Remediation 

Another amazing way hemp helps the earth is through using it for soil remediation. Soil remediation is the process of restoring soil to its natural, pollution-free state, How does hemp play a role in this? Well, because hemp is a naturally taller crop, about 1.5 – 15 ft. tall, they’re able to reach deep into the soil and as a result, are much more effective at filtering toxic chemicals out of polluted soil. Some of the toxins hemp plants can help remove include heavy metals, lead, nickel, cadmium, zinc, and chromium.

Overall, as you can see, hemp can be used for a variety of things. It has so much more potential than just making CBD products, and hopefully, as regulations surrounding the crop relax, you’ll start to see it more in everyday items. It’s a great start to a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

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